The Ironmaster  75lb quick-lock adjustable dumbbell system allows users to gain an ideal physique during workout. Basic curls and similar exercises were workouts that were done on cumbersome devices. However, the Iron master also enables users to gain more advantages of triceps and pullover workout sets, etc.

Presently, the exact purpose behind the design of the Iron master dumbbell apparatus is to present to its users, a classic dumbbell experience. Besides, it facilitates well-regulated fitness exercises.


Some of the other benefits of the Iron master quick-lock adjustable dumbbell system include:

  • A maximum of 120 pounds can be accommodated on small-scaled stand, on separate dumbbells.
  • Weights of 165 pounds on separate dumbbells can be accomplished, by obtaining extension packs.
  • Due to its square-shaped design, it can remain in one place.
  • With no further investments, adjustments can be extended to 90 pounds from 85
  • pounds
  • Appears on the list of major reliable adjustable dumbbells.

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